About SZducate

The word “SZducate” is a combination of my initial S Z and “educate”. It is an expression of my philosophy and approach toward effective teaching.

Tuition is not mainstream education and is meant to supplement and not replace MOE schools in educating our young. While school teachers aim to develop a holistic educational experience for the student, tutors have a more specific priority: grades.

Tuition is exam orientated and most parents engage tutors when their child’s grades fell below their expectations.

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. Route memory is not the way. Smart learning. Instead of memorizing equations, I will always adopt a methodology where students can relate to real practical situation
  2. Systematic approach to solving problems.
  3. Autonomous learning is self-motivated learning and also taking personal responsibility for their own learning progress and making effort to prepare for lessons beforehand. It involves reading the relevant section of notes as well as making sure they have all they need for the lesson.
  4. Exam techniques is almost as important as topic mastery. Time management techniques are instilled in students whenever possible.
  5. Lessons are not a replicate of the school’s lessons. My Tuition class usually consists of two parts: understanding concepts and applying those concepts in problem-solving.


To build and perfect an academic support system where any student who is willing to put in effort and time has a good chance of getting a distinction in the subject.