Free Sec 1 Algebra Bridging Class

Algebra and its applications take up about 70{c5ae9311fc552398a333d6242cdc0515940cae57a587cc7cfdde7b2df46f3f57} to 80 {c5ae9311fc552398a333d6242cdc0515940cae57a587cc7cfdde7b2df46f3f57} of the secondary school mathematics syllabus. The process of transiting from problem-solving methodology involving models and parts to using algebraic equations is not so straightforward. Most students would encounter much distress as they struggle to adapt to the change in concepts.

The preparation class aims to help Primary 6 graduating students ready themselves with important Sec 1 math skills and techniques. Students will be given more time to grasp fundamental algebraic concepts and techniques. The class will help to smoothen the steep learning curve for algebra that other students will encounter when they are in sec 1.

The sec 1 algebra preparation class will be conducted in November/December to give our new secondary school students-to-be a head start.

Students will be instructed on :

  • Intro to Negative numbers and operations
  • Intro to Algebra
  • Manipulation of algebraic expressions
  • Telegram group support for students to ask for help or post questions till the end of January
  • 2 x 1.5 hours of online live Zoom class.
  • recordings of classes for students to save and revise at their own time

whatsapp me on 80228320 if you have any queries.

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