O Levels E Maths Online Revision Class

Sec 4/sec 5 is the graduating year for secondary school students. It is also the year when it is decided how well they have learned for these 4/5 years.

All parents want their child to score well for the crucial GCE O Levels Examinations.

But have you ever wondered…

Why is it that certain students are able to achieve top grades like A1 and A2 while others who are in the same class in school, use the same textbooks, struggle to complete the paper on time, let alone achieve distinction in their Maths Exam?

Reason 1: Students lack the examination techniques and time management skills to finish their examinations in an effective manner while still having enough time to check their work. When candidates realised that they are running out of time, they go into panic mode and make a lot more mistakes.

Reason 2: Schools emphasize holistic education which is great for the learning journey but when it comes to examinations, there is a lot of stuff in their textbooks and notes which will not be tested at all. When students try to revise from them without filtering out the helpful parts, they waste a lot of precious revision time

The SZducate Approach:

  1. I provide notes with concise methods and steps PURELY meant for the examinations only. Short and Sweet. Effective and to the Point.
  2. I emphasize on time management skills and train our students to time themself for every question. They will find that miraculously they have time to allocate for error checking when they used to struggle to finish on time.

Online Mathematics Revision

Academic Year 2023


Course Amount: SGD197 per month

Introductory Offer: SGD 90 per month*

*materials/deposit/registration fees : SGD 0

*course fees are a flat monthly fees for 4 lessons. Should there be a 5th session, it will be provided complimentary.

I will focus on the major topics in the entire E maths Syllabus, namely,

  • Algebraic Manipulation
  • Quadratic Factorisation/Solution
  • Rate and Proportion
  • Indices
  • Angles Properties of Circle
  • Trigonometry
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Congruent and Similar Triangles
  • Sec 4 Maths Topics
    • Probability
    • Statistics
    • Matrices
    • Vectors

Here’s what you get as a Szducate O levels Maths Revision Student : 

  • 90-minutes of weekly Online Maths Coaching via Zoom
  • Lesson Recording for All Classes (Unlimited Revision and Studying at your own pace)
  • Access to Telegram Group Channel (Ask Questions and Clear your Doubts)
  • Examination Techniques and Time Management Skills
  • Feedback and Progress Updates (Get Updates on Lesson Summaries and Child’s Areas for Improvements)

What you get as a student of SZducate?

  • 90-minutes of Weekly Mathematics Coaching
  • Lesson Recording for Unlimited Reference
  • Mobile Chat Q&A through Dedicated Telegram Channel
  • Reviews and Performance Feedback

Course Amount : SGD197 per month*

Introductory Offer: SGD 90 per month*
*materials/deposit/registration fees: SGD 0

*course fees are a flat monthly fees for 4 lessons. Should there be a 5th session, it will be provided complimentary.